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As a staffing business, the Clinical Professionals Group have observed in 2013/14, and beyond, a continual upward trend in the turnover in both CRO and Pharma of core staff across the majority of our specialist areas. Demand for experienced staff is high however training and development in the basic fundamentals of clinical trials and drug development research are diminishing.

Until the candidate/skill shortages are addressed, this escalating turnover of inexperienced staff has the potential to impact the future integrity of clinical trials, all the while perpetuating the continual rise in drug development costs.

The Clinical Professionals Academy addresses both the new entry level training investment and create an opportunity for the UK’s talented Life Science graduates to start addressing the skilled candidate shortfall in the Life Sciences sector.  We have partnered with many of the UK’s leading Universities and Colleges who educate graduates in Life Science related fields, to further identify career paths for them and introduce them to the fully-funded Academy Programmes.

The Clinical Professionals Group now have a range of Academy Programmes to suit the varied and exciting career paths into industry so please click on the links below to go to the relevant CP Academy information and application pages.

  • Trained First-to-Industry (Clinical trial roles) Academy
  • Scientific Academy
  • MSL Academy
  • Physician to Pharma Academy
  • Med Comms Academy
  • Clinical RBM Academy
  • Testimonials from Candidates and Clients

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