Clinical Trials Redesigned

The CP Academy team has developed a programme to upskill our current clinical research and GCP workforce ready for changes to regulations and moves towards a move adaptive monitoring style of risk-based monitoring (RBM). With a focus on data integrity and analysis, rooted in robust risk assessment and study plan design, the current model of CRA monitoring looks likely to adapt and change. At the core is patient safety and looking at critical risks, but overall this new model will drive efficiencies both in resource, time and cost, accelerating getting new drugs to market. There are also changes coming around big data and patient-centricity so these are key areas for professionals working in GCP and clinical research fields to ensure they are aware of and upskilling around.

Taking feedback from industry experts, we have put together an Academy programme that will focus on skills development around these new monitoring methods and market changes, but also work on competencies required and soft skills development depending on the type of role evolving in industry. This programme would also appeal to those working in quality assurance, data management and similar roles within GCP, who want to move into this new type of role or simply want to increase their knowledge of this field. Clinical Professionals is delighted to be working with our partner Triumph Research Intelligence on the delivery of this robust and critically needed modular Academy.

Core modules will be:

  1. ICH E6 (R2) and Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) – changes & skills enhancement
  2. Patient-centric trials, Quality by Design
  3. RBM Technology (with our partner TRI)
  4. Real World Evidence and Big Data
  5. Competency and soft skills development

Organisations wishing to upskill and train staff are welcome to discuss our group discount and in-house training options, and it is also open for anyone to attend as an individual at our training centre.

Our course charge is £1500 + VAT (for 2 days), with a discount for our initial course programme. We are now fully CPD accredited.