Scientific Academy

Launched in partnership with Bart’s Healthcare in 2016, we fully fund graduate to complete a 7 day training program onsite at Bart’s in aseptic technique; i.e. the preparation of pharmaceutical products from sterile ingredients by procedures that exclude the access of viable micro-organisms into the product. It is important that the aseptic technique and equipment used minimises the risk to both product – sterility and cross contamination, and the Operator.  This procedure details how all the different processes are to be carried out and what equipment and techniques to use and when. This ensures that all staff maintains a consistent approach.

Bart’s Health Pharmaceuticals manufactures products that meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals providing a higher quality treatment to its patients. As a result Bart’s Health Pharmaceuticals continue to invest heavily in this area. Bart’s have a philosophy of putting the patient at the heart of what they do, in an efficient and effective manner. Such high standards of work come through having highly competent and well trained staff.

Bart’s Health Pharmaceuticals have developed a comprehensive course in Aseptic Techniques and Operations and have collaborated with Clinical Professionals Academy program for Graduates wishing to embark on a career within R&D to be funded by us and training for their first role in industry.  We hope to support not just the initial training via the AT&O course, but ongoing continued professional development once a graduate is placed with one of our many global pharmaceutical or Biotech clients.