Trained First-to-Industry Life Science Academy

The Graduate Academy program and content has been specifically designed to equip biological sciences graduates with the knowledge, background and confidence to make the breakthrough into their first role within the clinical research industry, but also to support our clients in ensuring they have access to a robust training program for current incumbents new to industry. The Academy is designed to give the attendees an intensive two week (where feasible if also employed), content rich immersion into the most important areas required to succeed in the industry which can be absorbed as an on-line program or as a mixture of on-line and face to face interaction. The attendees will emerge from the program with a thorough appreciation of those areas that they will need to build on in their initial job roles, their areas of interest and direction, but perhaps most importantly, a common understanding  of the values as well as the challenges of working in this industry, and a confidence and will to succeed.

If you would like to register for Clinical Professionals Graduate Academy, please email with your name and phone number, and a member of our team will be in touch.

We are now fully CPD accredited.

The material is divided into five ‘bundles’ of individual modules with the following overall course structure:

Bundle 1:             Fundamentals Bundle


1.1                          Introductory Presentation on the Academy

1.2                          History of Clinical Research

1.3                          Drug Discovery

1.4                          Drug Development

1.5                          The Anatomy of a Clinical Trial

Bundle 2:             Regulatory and Ethics bundle


2.1                          Regulation of Clinical Research

2.2                          ICH GCP Guidelines

2.3                          GXP including Manufacture, Distribution, Laboratory

2.4                          Ethics of Clinical Research Including Informed Consent

Bundle 3:             Clinical Trial Key Success Factors bundle


3.1                          Designing a Trial for Success

3.2                          Key Study Documents

3.3                          Feasibility and Site/Investigator Selection

3.4                          The Patient: Recruitment and Retention

3.5                          Risk Based Monitoring

3.6                          Patient Safety

3.7                          Document Management

3.8                          Maintaining Quality

3.9                          Data Integrity

3.10                       Study Close-out

3.11                        Managing the Investigational Product

Bundle 4:             Clinical Research with Impact and Insight bundle


4.1                          Communication for Effective Results

4.2                          Presenting with Impact

4.3                          Critical Thinking/Questioning and Emotional Intelligence

4.4                          Basic Project Management

4.5                          Future Direction of Travel for the Industry

Bundle 5:             Maximising Commercial and Patient Benefit bundle


5.1                          Finance and Corporate Governance

5.2                          Market Access and Medical Affairs

5.3                          Health Economics

The following table details the costs per individual module, per bundle and for the whole program with discounts factored in*:

* option for face-to-face or blended learning upon request/discussion

Training Academy Module Overview

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