Trained First-to-Industry Life Science Academy

The Clinical Professionals Group launched their graduate training Academy for UK graduates looking to work in clinical trials research and development in 2014.  Within the Academy, Clinical Professionals identifies, fully funds and trains the most talented Life Science University Graduates and deploys them into “first to industry” entry level roles, ensuring our industry goes from strength to strength with new talent.

This modular training course will initially bring through entry level graduates into a variety of critical roles e.g. CTA (Clinical Trial Administrator), Regulatory Administrator, PV Associate, Data Manager, Medical Information Associate, Quality Assurance Associate and Medical Communications, and as it progresses will offer enhanced skills training to develop CRA/RBMs (Clinical Research Associates/Risk Based Monitors) and for Lead CRAs and Project Managers, Regulatory or PV Managers, etc.

We have also developed other “pillars” to our training course that encompass; MSL Academy for PhDs and Pharmacists looking to get into their first MSL role, Scientific Academy for graduates looking for their first lab-based role, Med Comms Academy for PhDs and graduates looking for their first role in healthcare communications/PR and Physician to Pharma for physicians looking for their first role in industry.  These are unique service offerings from a specialist staffing provider and will begin to assist the unaddressed training needs of the Life Science Industry.

This course would very much suit a variety of degrees such as Biomedical Science, BioScience, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Science, Data Science, Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Statistics, Healthcare Management, Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Psychology, Chemistry, BioChemistry, MicroBiology, Medical Law and Ethics, Drug Discovery & Development, Forensic Sciences, Stratified Medicine, Medical Device and Product Development, Physiology, Economics, Engineering, Technology, AI, as well as courses specifically focussing on therapeutic areas such as Neuroscience, cancer or Oncology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Mental Health, etc.  We also welcome those with Medical degrees, Masters and PhDs who want a change in career and/or are interested in the Clinical Research sector.

If you would like to register for Clinical Professionals Graduate Academy, please email with your name and phone number, and a member of our team will be in touch.

We are now fully CPD accredited.

Benefits of Participating in the Clinical Research Graduate Scheme:

  1. Training costs are covered by Clinical Professionals.
  2. Training provides knowledge base for ability to interview with confidence and hit the ground running in the first role in industry.
  3. Clinical Professionals provide full support during the job placement via our hosted employment model or permanent placement aftercare package.
  4. Option to progress onto further Academy programmes dependent upon graduates completing 12 months of continuous employment with the company they are placed with after training and if relevant for job role.

Training Academy Module Overview

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