Thought Leadership and Industry Innovation


Alongside our developments around the Academy training programmes we are constantly at the forefront of everything ‘life science’. We cannot offer our candidates and clients tailored and unique solutions, or upskilling, without being intimately knowledgeable about our sector and its advancements, but more than that we also aim to be responsible and accountable for driving positive change and reforms in our markets. We feel this sets us apart as a staffing and talent business, and we fully invest in this and see it as only beneficial for all.


Clinical Professionals is involved and invested in a vast number of projects where we ‘involve to evolve’ including:


Bizarrely in the UK there is no platform or group for an external business wishing to set up here to seek guidance from within the life science sector. So we solved that problem! We’ve developed a consultancy made up of legal, procurement, scientific, clinical trial, market access and talent experts who can offer advice and guidance to any business giving them a ‘soft landing’ in the UK – this is vital to the future of our Life Science economy post-Brexit.


Our recruitment industry professional membership body. Our CEO, Yvette Cleland, sits on their board and is a founding member for the German office. They rigorously assess and reference check any member. We lead pharmaceutical forums, and also attend everything from legal, HR and finance meetings as well, to ensure we are up-to-date on all employment law and compliance issues in the staffing sector.


Apprentice levy trailblazer groups
We currently sit on the groups for clinical and regulatory, and are looking to work with the Life Science Trailblazer Group to also advance other areas in apprenticeships. We have worked tirelessly with other employers on apprenticeship standards and frameworks, end point assessments, and have also registered as an Apprentice Training Agency (ATA) and are in the process of registering as an Apprentice Training Provider (ATP).


Science Council
We have been recognised by the Science Council as an Employer Champion through our Academy programmes, and are working with them to help extend their competency assessments and qualifications that are applicable across most life science employment areas.


Have a robust suite of training for STEM careers, which we are hoping to further promote to relevant clients, but also work on accrediting training courses and alongside us on the Apprentice Levy.


we are long-standing members of the Regulatory Professionals body and have partnered with them to work on Apprentice Levy Trailblazer groups, present to members on career pathways and changes in the regulatory landscape, and more. TOPRA do excellent work in their field and the regulatory affairs market is ever-changing and critical as we leave the EU to be fully on top of all imminent changes and impacts to this sector.


We are also member of various excellent Life Science membership groups such as EMIG, CCRA, BIA, and MSLA where we attend or present at summits, conferences and forums to share expertise and knowledge.


NHS Workforce Development Group
We are on the board for this ongoing project to look at the structure and career paths within the NHS offering staffing advice and market intelligence to ensure the NHS can attract and retain the best talent alongside private sector. It is a critical part of the life science economy with many research collaborations now occurring in this space.


Trade and Industry
We have been involved in meeting with UKTI, All Wales Strategy Group and DFA in Ireland, as well as the US equivalent.


We have been heavily involved in data sharing and writing white papers produced by the ABPI, as well as having Sheuli Porkess, Executive Director Research, Medical & Innovation involved in our Physician2Pharma events.


Clinical Professionals are involved in round table discussions with government members on current affairs and challenges in the market, such as Prof Sir John Bell around the Life Sciences UK Strategy, as well as writing numerous white papers and blogs on industry challenges and changes. We also don’t shy away from media, ensuring the Life Sciences industry is represented positively in the media and writing informed and factual articles or releases for newspapers and websites, such as Pharmaphorum, Bullhorn Live, Global Recruiter, as well as also having the Telegraph ask to make a film about our award-winning Academy programme: We encourage and promote industry engagement, and are happy to ruffle a few feathers by starting interesting debates!


Industry Analytics & Salary Survey
Back catalogues of the free industry analytics releases are available on the website, and our salary survey, now in its 6th edition, not only is a ‘must’ for the shelves or desks of every hiring manager and HR or procurement expert in Life Sciences, but also now shows us the trends emerging over the past 5-10 years industry with actual data and factual market analysis.


One Nucleus
Clinical Professionals has recently been engaging with this industry membership group around arranging summits for our new Academy course ‘Clinical Trials Redesigned’ which looks at the changing landscape and future changes and impacts that are heading our way.


UCL Equality Pledge 
We commit to operating and behaving in a way that promotes the dignity of all people. We understand the critical importance of both respect and equality of opportunity. We value the positive contribution that diversity brings in our community. This pledge represents our commitment to working with UCL to build a safe, welcoming and inclusive place to work and study.


Clinical Trials Specialist Apprenticeship 

Our new Clinical Trials Specialist degree (Level 6) works in collaboration with Clinical Professionals Ltd and aims to advance the skills of those in the field and attract new staff. It is suitable for people who work as part of a team which focuses on the delivery and execution of Phase – I-VI clinical trials.


Phew! We have been busy, and we continue to forge ahead with other projects such as CMO dinners, breakfast seminars on IR35 changes and impacts to clients in our sector, and much, much more.


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